Sauna bathing has the beneficial effect of calming heart action, clearing out the airways and relieving joint and muscle pain. A visit to the sauna also does wonders for your psychological wellbeing, as it leads to a decline in nervousness or the retreat of a migraine. Here the body becomes strongly oxygenated, the skin pores and blood vessels expand, so that the skin breathes better and the blood flow to the limbs is improved.

Due to strong sweating, harmful substances are also excreted from the body. The positive results of your regular sauna bathing will include overall hardiness of the body and a higher resistance to infections. Sauna bathing also has a positive cosmetic effect, improving skin smoothness and its freshness and overall appearance.

Before entering the sauna, first wash yourself thoroughly with soap. The customary principle is to enter the sauna naked, which is the most suitable way precisely for reasons of elimination of toxic substances from the body. It’s also best to take off all jewelry and watches. It is appropriate to bring a towel into the sauna for you to sit or lie on. The lying down position is recommended here, because the muscles are beautifully relaxed in this position. The recommended duration of sauna bathing is about 15 minutes, for children about 5-10 minutes.


1 – 3 persons (60 min) / 600,00 CZK (120 min) /   900,00 CZK
4 – 6 persons (60 min) / 900,00 CZK (120 min) / 1200,00 CZK
Whirlpool separately 1-2 (60 min) / 500,00 CZK
Whirlpool separately 1-2 (90 min) / 800,00 CZK


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