Salt Cave

We offer treatments using a combination of Dead Sea salt, iodine-bromide salt from Poland and salt water from Luhačovice, with significant preventative and regenerative effects. In a salt cave there is a unique and inimitable climate, characterized by its high bacteriological cleanliness, strong micro and macro elements saturated negatively ionised air, sufficient humidity and temperature. Except for human vital negative ionization of the air is “overloaded” with compounds of iodine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromine, and others, which are unavoidable components for proper functioning of the human organism. These properties cave positive effect on mood, energy, stamina and health, and to people both adults and even the smallest. To improve the health status occurs after only a few sessions.

1 persons (45 min) / 100,00 CZK
Special price for 6 persons (45 min) / 500,00 CZK

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